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Any type of Construction works!

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Some Things About Us.

  • Design & Build Bungalow.
  • Civil Construction Works.
  • All-In-One Renovation Works.
  • M&E Works - Electrical & Plumbing.
  • Housing Development Project.
  • High-rise Building Construction Works.
  • Structure Repair.
  • Waterproofing Works.
  • Landscaping Works- Fish Pond & Grass Carpet.

Our Philosophy

  • Provide top quality finishing and services for our clients.
  • Meet Deadlines.
  • Turn our client's concept into reality.

Why Choose Us

  • We have 14 years of experience in construction and renovation works under a group of construction companies, namely RIC Builder Sdn Bhd, RMY Builders Sdn Bhd & RC Renovation & Construction Enterprise. We provide the best quality and value of construction material and workmanship.

How We Work

  • At RMY Builders Sdn Bhd, we understand what our client needs, and we would use all our expertise to fullfill every aspect of expectation.


About Us

We provide complete packages for our clients.

We are a CIDB-Certified  & MOF (Ministry Of Finance) Registered Renovation & Construction Company in Malaysia.